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Meet the team

The 11to25 hub, built to help young people, parents and professionals navigate the transition to adult care.

The 11to25hub team

Our team draws on the developed expertise and lived experience of a range of people.

Seema Bargota

Medical Student and Young Person Consultant/Advisor

Chris Bound

ICHT: Advisor, Young People and Diabetes Care

Dr Claudia Gore

ICHT: Project Creator and Lead

Dr Pip Hardy

Patient Voices: Educational lead

Delfine Lehrfreund

Medical Student and Young Person Consultant/Advisor

Nigel Mills

Burdett Trust: Healthcare Transition Advisor

Phoebe Rutherford

ICHT: Programme Support for Connecting Care for Children

Tony Sumner

Patient Voices: Architect and Developer



Our sponsors and collaborators

Our collaborators and sponsors include charities, trusts and projects who have collaborated with us in the development of the modules.


Imperial Health Charity


Better Conversations


Connecting Care for Children


Patient Voices


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