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Helping young people move from youth services,to adult services.

The 11 to 25 hub aims to support young people, families and healthcare professionals through the transition from youth services to adult services.

Spreading knowledge, spreading the learning

We aim to improve understanding of the transition to adult care.

Curation, content and communication are key to our goals. Coproduction of the resource with young people and their parents underpins what we develop, and when. The materials contain practical information about a range of topics and are designed to inform everyone, but sometimes we may address young people, parents or healthcare professionals as appropriate.

11    modules are available.

The 11to25hub modules

Explore, learn and grow as you move to adult services

Is there something you’d like to know more about? Choose one of the modules below (they don’t need to be read in any particular order) or search here.
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Healthcare transition

Healthcare transition

What it is and why it matters
Ages and stages

Ages and stages

Developmentally appropriate healthcare: using tools like Ready, Steady, Go, Hello


Why all these questions about life outside hospital?
Who decides?

Who decides?

Consent and competence
Listening in and speaking up

Listening in and speaking up

Effective communication and listening skills: removing barriers to communication between young people, parents and professionals
Body matters

Body matters

Looking after your body: self-efficacy and self-management
Healthy relationships

Healthy relationships

Building and maintaining nourishing personal relationships


Ethnicity, gender, race, culture, neurodiversity, religion, sexual preferences
Mind matters

Mind matters

Mental health and wellbeing
Healthy information

Healthy information

Finding, sharing and keeping information and staying safe online
Healthcare transition toolbox

Healthcare transition toolbox

Some practicalities of day-to-day life and special events
Funded by

Funded by

Clinicians, Educators, Parents, Young People, Sponsors and Collaborators

We have drawn support from NHS Trust staff, parents and young people who use their services.

Learning and growing from 11 to 25

An educational and informative resource for young people, parents and healthcare professionals.

Understand needs, de-mystify systems and processes, build understanding between the players and the partners in healthcare transition.

Educational tools

Learning and sharing by listening, watching, reading. Using personal stories to bring what matters about healthcare transition to life.

Precious moments

Be inspired by real-life experiences shared by podcast, digital stories and more. Shared moments, to invite reflection and open up conversations.

Dedicated volunteers

Funded by Imperial Health Charity and made possible by the many young people, parents, friends, doctors, nurses, creators, storytellers who contribute because they are passionate about healthcare transition.

Make them happy

Whoever you are, bring your passion and energy to the project to improve your own understanding and ease with which YOU will improve the health of young people.


So that one day, like magic, young people will no longer need us.

There’s even magic in our motivation: we can empower and inform young people so they are ready to take charge of their own care when they enter adult services.

People in the UK
Government agencies
11.5 m
Young people 11 to 25

The thought of adult services, without the support of the consultant who has been with me on this journey was scary. The resources I found on the 11to25hub helped me understand how adult services work.

Marrion Miller

Ealing, London

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